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[Stone Bar Collection]The bracelet of combination

$ 54.00

One Size - 5.5-8 inches

Style: Handmade, Bead, Bracelet
Color: Blue, Pink, Orange, Grey, Purple, 14K Gold Filled

Bracelet Description:

This bracelet is made with five different stones: aquamarine (6mm&10mm), rose quartz (6mm), labradorite (6mm). amethyst (6mm) and sunstone (6mm).
-Aquamarine is the stone of protection. It protects people and their families from evil things and bad persons. 
-Rose quartz represents true love and helps to improve relationship with people.
-Labradorite is good for vision/eyes. It also helps people to stay calm, strong and stable. It contains consistency energy that helps people to enhance physical strength.
-Amethyst protects its owner from drunkenness. It contains positive energies. Wearing amethyst makes people to be graceful and elegant. It also improves people's awareness of self.
-Sunstone represents purity. It improves relationship between people and helps to boost inspiration. It also contains positive energy that improves and enhances people's vitality. 


Simply measure your wrist and choose the size fits you perfectly. This bracelet comes in adjustable style only. 

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