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MiniDot Necklace: Candy Dance

$ 55.00


Bracelet Details: 

  • Amethyst/Rose Quartz, Pearl
  • 14k Gold Filled
  • Handmade in Los Angeles
  • 16-18 Inches
  • Anti-tarnish. Anti-Allergy.

Amethyst (Purple)

  • Protects its owner from drunkenness.
  • Contains positive energies.
  • Makes people be graceful and elegant.
  • Improves people's awareness of self. 

Rose Quartz (Pink)

  • The stone of love.
  • Helps people to find their true love.
  • Improve relationships with others.
  • Improves women's glamour and confidence.
  • Promotes business and career. 

Freshwater Pearl

  • The stone of wealth.
  • Brings wealth, health, happiness, and good luck.